Done Is Better Than Perfect

Do you have a personal project sitting around at home. You know the one I’m talking about. That idea that you just can’t get right… that you work on every few days in your free-time after work. What about that podcast episode that you’ve been working on for 3 months but just aren’t satisfied with…? […]

How to Double-Ender!

<steps up on soap box> One of the most frequent issues I see in podcasting is issues with VOIP recording (Skype, Zoom, Zencastr, Ringr, etc etc etc). Podcasters experience… connection issues audio syncing issues errors poor sound horrid sound crappy sound I’d like to make a plea for more people to try recording interviews the […]

Invest in Your Growth

If you are reading this blog, you are interested in growth . . . of your knowledge, your talent, your ability, your skills, your business, etc. All too often these days, everything you read or watch in the online education space is trying to get you to learn something faster, better, CHEAPER, etc. You’ve heard […]

The Coach Has Failed More Times Than The Student Has Tried

I love this quote. It sums up why it is so important to have a coach or mentor. Or why it’s important to bring in a qualified professional to do something that you might not have experience doing. You may have also heard the cliche don’t reinvent the wheel. Similar idea. When we start to […]

Use Your Words

I occasionally listen to advice columnist Dan Savage’s podcast and have noticed that he regularly comes back to a piece of advice in regards to relationships that we’ve all been hearing since we were children. Use your words. It’s surprising how well Dan’s advice applies to relationships. A little honesty when its difficult can go […]