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One of the most frequent questions I get about marketing is
“how do we know what type of marketing to invest in?
There is so much out there, how do we compete with all the marketing noise?”

Here’s a story that shows exactly what I do.

Katie Krimitsos is a business strategist and coach. She’s one of thousands of business consultants and coaches out there trying to find clients. They are all running facebook ads, staying active on social media… almost all of them build their email lists by offering freebies on their websites and then communicate regularly via email.

But Katie is different. How did she build one of the largest online communities of women business owners in the US? And how does she convert a huge number of them into clients?

Through her podcast.

Her clients trust her before they ever hire her because they’ve spent hours listening to her authority and expertise on her podcast. They gain clarity on her thinking AND experience. Katie gets to paint the picture of how life can be for her listeners if they do the things she talks about. Her listeners get the experience of seeing behind the curtain and it makes it easier for them to understand her offers and the value she delivers.

Because of her podcast, Katie is always talking with warm leads who want to listen and learn about what she has to offer them.

And how did I help her.

I met Katie in December 2016 when I approached her about advertising my services on her show. As we developed the ads, she and I had several great discussions about podcasting and her show in particular. I discovered that even after over 250 episodes and building a thriving community and business, she was still spending 3 or 4 hours per week editing, uploading, promoting, and analyzing her podcast. She was tired of it, frustrated, and almost to the point of ditching the show entirely.

I immediately suggested she have us take over all of her show production and distribution. This simple step immediately allowed her to implement changes that tripled her revenue in 2017 because she was able to focus on much higher value activities that would grow her business. It gave her real results because she was focused on doing the work that had the power to skyrocket her income. The mere fact that I helped her think about her podcast in a strategic manner added value.

Much of what I do as a strategist is identify the gaps and call out the problems…and that is often enough. Most of the time the people I work with are too close to their businesses to see how unproductive it is for them to keep doing this or that when they can have someone else do it for them.

I also add value by helping them avoid the pitfalls, overcome the obstacles, and shorten the learning curve… I reveal examples of small things that can compromise their results.

“Most business owners know what they need, they just don’t know how to get it and more often than not they are trying to do it all on their own.”

Believe it or not most business owners don’t even realize that a podcast can help them.
And it takes a forward thinking leader to take that first step.

Common Questions

The 3 most common questions I get about podcasts are…

  • …is extremely effective at helping potential clients know, like, and trust you before they ever hire you. They showcase your expertise and authority.
  • They are completely portable and literally in your ideal client’s ear(bud)s.
  • They are an evergreen content asset that will continue to create warm leads while you sleep and for years to come.
  • They can help you reduce marketing and networking costs because not only are they easier and quicker to create but because the client conversion rate is higher with podcasts.
  • They can improve and showcase your speaking abilities.
  • For those of you uncomfortable with doing video, you don’t have to be on camera with a podcast.
  • And they can also help you with internal communications with your employees.

  • In 2017 48 million Americans listened to podcasts weekly. 32% of those listeners are 25 – 54 (with another 31% 12 – 24 and 15% above 55).
  • The average listener subscribes to 6 shows, consumes 7 episodes per week, and 80% of listeners listen to more than half or all of each episode.
  • 31% of weekly podcast listeners have a household income of $100k or more per year. 57% of podcast listeners have at least a 4 year college degree and 63% have full-time employment.
  • It’s definitely a long play, but the clients you get through your podcasts already trust you before they buy and then can’t wait to tell the world about you.
  • Podcast listeners trust the host of a show they listen to because they spend so much intimate time in their ears. Podcast listeners are more likely to buy products sold or recommended on a show and also tend to hire service providers who they’ve heard on a podcast.
  • Per reports from Edison Research and Nielsen in 2017, 65 percent of listeners said podcast ads increase purchase intent while another 45 percent said that they’re likely to visit an advertiser’s website after hearing an audio promo. Another 42 percent of listeners said they would consider a new product or service after hearing a plug for a brand, while 37 percent use podcast ads to help research brands. 57% of the podcast ads Nielsen tested outperformed the video pre-rolls for intent to purchase. Almost 70% of respondents said that podcast ads increased the listeners’ brand awareness.
  • Reactions to podcast ads were generally positive among the respondents, with 78% saying they don’t mind ads or sponsors because the listener knows they support the podcast. Eighty-three percent said show hosts are authentic and natural in reading the spots, and 74% said sponsors were a good match for show content. Successful brand recall happened for 62%, and another 62% said the ad made them consider new products or services.
  • Additionally, the study revealed that 66% tuned into the audio shows to learn something new.
  • This is a complicated question to answer. A lot of people think of podcasting as a marketing tactic or something you can just try out to see if you like it. I’m here to tell you that it is not a tactic…It’s an asset. You are going to invest money and time into building content that will attract your ideal clients. It is a long play about building a relationship with your client.
  • The end result is an evergreen content asset that will give you ROI for years. If you load your first 10 episodes with your strongest and best content that speaks directly to the problems and pain points your ideal client is having and then create freebies, lead magnets, and other offers to create an even deeper relationship, your podcast will continue to deliver ideal clients into your onboarding funnel 24/7 while you sleep. You have to invest time and money into making sure that everything your listener (ideal client) hears, sees, touches, and feels in relationship to your podcast is leading them to becoming your client.
  • In actual numbers, you’ll often hear that podcasts are a very inexpensive form of content marketing. Yes, it’s true that for $200 – $500 you can get set up with great recording gear and a hosting account. But don’t discount the hours spent developing your show and promoting it to your ideal listener. The hours creating the content. The hours per episode spent editing, mixing and mastering. The hours spent creating show notes and uploading content to your host and website.
  • When you work with me, I spend 1 – 2 days on-site with you to understand your brand, craft your message, and create your podcast strategy and content. 1 – 2 days on-site to record your content. 2- 3 weeks off-site producing your show, publishing, distributing, and promoting. And then ongoing training, support, and post production on future podcast episodes.

Meet our client, Tina Conroy RYT, RMT

Tina’s revenue from her Yoga and Reiki business has doubled since crafting a podcast that provides valuable content for her ideal clients.

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