I help your business build, launch, and grow engaging podcasts that create customers who trust you before they buy and can’t wait to tell the world.

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My goal: to help you clarify your message and publish engaging content to create customers who trust you and your business before they ever buy and then can’t wait to tell the world about you.

I do this by helping you tell your customer’s story with you as their guide and creating high quality content that is aligned with your brand identity.


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Mike Kim

Brand Strategist

“I had the pleasure of working with Danny on a really big client project. A complete pro, bona fide expert, and helped us attain record-setting numbers.”

Cindy Wang Brandt

Parenting Forward

“It’s such a relief to be able to focus on content creation knowing that I can give Danny my notes and will have a professionally produced show on the other side.”

Roddy Galbraith

John Maxwell Team

“I can’t say enough about how Danny has helped our community and our members through such expert insights and advice. Highly recommended!”

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About Danny Ozment

Hi, I’m Danny Ozment. I help busy service professionals like YOU who want to grow their business by planning, launching, and growing a podcast.

I’ve helped plan, launch, and produce over 50 successful podcasts for high-profile clients like Salesforce and the John Maxwell Team.

I believe that without a doubt, podcasts are the #1 form of content marketing for busy professionals. When you have one, you can build deep relationships built on trust. In fact, I believe these relationships run deeper and inspire more loyalty than any other marketing medium available today.

Podcasts have truly become the one-to-one audience builder that is essential to create authentic connections and GROW your business . . . even while you sleep.