Danny Ozment presents . . .

“Your Podcast Roadmap”

The map you need to finally get your podcast launched this year!

Created for busy professionals like you who want a concise podcast guide for quick success!

Who has time to sift through hours of info on the “how-to” of podcasting? You have a business to run!

Instead, use Danny Ozment’s easy-to-follow roadmap to launch your podcast the right way. Motivated business pros like you can be up and running in as little as 90 days.

It includes...


From identifying your ideal listeners all the way to your background music

Content Production

Buying the right equipment, editing your content, mixing your episode, and more

Publishing and Distribution

Where to publish and how to get a FREE month of hosting


Tools to measure performance and collect data


All the links you’ll need to add your podcast to directories, saving you countless hours

Content creation and marketing—especially podcasting—is the best way to build meaningful conversations and connections that lead to business in today’s noisy marketplace.

Don’t wear yourself out scouring through 10,000-word blog posts about how to start a podcast.

The 2020 Podcast Roadmap guides you through the easy step-by-step system of launching a podcast.

It’s perfect for busy professional service providers who require advanced learning . . . but don’t want to waste a lot of time.

About Danny Ozment

Hi, I’m Danny Ozment. I help busy service professionals like YOU who want to grow their business by planning, launching, and growing a podcast.

I’ve helped plan, launch, and produce over 50 successful podcasts for high-profile clients like Salesforce and the John Maxwell Team.

I believe that without a doubt, podcasts are the #1 form of content marketing for busy professionals. When you have one, you can build deep relationships built on trust. In fact, I believe these relationships run deeper and inspire more loyalty than any other marketing medium available today.

Podcasts have truly become the one-to-one audience builder that is essential to create authentic connections and GROW your business . . . even while you sleep.

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