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​A 6-week ​LIVE course, February - March 2019, where you'll skip the frustration and learn how to create, craft, plan, produce, and promote a podcast under the guidance of a professional podcaster and producer.

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One of the Biggest Questions I Get About Podcast Supercharger Is 
“What Do You Actually Do In the Course?”

Here’s a story that illustrates exactly what we do.

Parker Layrisson, owner of the Parker Layrisson Law Firm, was looking to increase his brand “footprint” in the Ponchatoula and Hammond areas of Louisiana.

He chose to create a podcast about his community rather than about the law to share news, interesting characters and stories, business and restaurant reviews, AND establish him as an expert and trusted source in the region. Rather than do a podcast about uninsured motorists and car accidents, he was more interested in becoming the podcast and social media "mayor" of his town.

Parker loved the idea of being able to tell all of these stories, but he didn’t know how to get the show off the ground. Like many successful businessmen, he knew how to run his office, execute traditional marketing strategies, and make big decisions — but he never really had to create relationship-building content like a podcast.

Content marketing is a pillar in any business — for a small business like a law firm, it is even more vital. Parker wanted to broaden his understanding of podcasting so that he would never have to jump from client to client or contract to contract.

He wanted to step into the podcasting space on the right foot. ​And he wanted to skip the trial and error, the mistakes, and the frustration of trying to figure it all out on his own while ​wasting hours and hours reading how-to guides and searching for and watching numerous DIY videos on YouTube without any guarantee that he'd know what to do in the end.​​​

Believe It or Not, Most Success Starts With A Seasoned Pro
Who Is Willing to Become A Novice Again.

Parker had an immense amount of experience and expertise as a successful attorney. Most people would think someone with his body of work would have no issue finding clients or landing speaking engagements.

The special thing about Parker was that despite his vast experience, he really came in as a novice. He was ready to learn — and I’ve found that this attitude is the key to creating a podcast that connects with your ideal listener.

​I'm Danny Ozment, your guide.

Here’s the deal...

​One thing that really ticks me off is people whose worldview has become so narrow they aren't able to walk an inch, let alone a mile, in somebody else’s shoes.

One reason this happens is that they aren't exposed to anything outside of their normal channels of TV, radio, social media, family and friends.

This is why I love podcasting and helping podcasters. Podcasts are the only form of new media where you can actually hear a full conversation and complete stories. Podcasts are great to get your expertise out there and position you as a thought leader and influencer.



​SIX 60-minute ​group calls and ​TWO 30-minute private sessions

Week 1.
Clarify your message, craft your show, and plan out the first
five episodes

Week 2.
Design your podcast artwork and creative elements. Create all the episode content

Week 3.  
Learn how to talk on mic and record your first episode

Week 4.
Learn everything you need to know to produce your episodes (editing, mixing and mastering)

Week 5.  
We'll cover publishing and distribution through Libsyn and podcast directories

Week 6.
Create your launch strategy, promotion plan, and learn how to measure your results

The 3 Most Common Questions People Ask
About Podcast Supercharger Are:

- What happens during the 6 weeks?

- What can I expect to leave the course with? 

- How much is the course?

“What happens during the 6 weeks?”

Prior to your first group call, you will have a 15-minute set-up call where I will get to know you and your needs. I will also set you up with several resources so that you will have the equipment and preparation you need for the course.

Week 1: Branding and Planning

  • Go through a framework called StoryBrand that we’ll use as a filter for your messaging. You’ll learn the most important step in re-framing your marketing message: you are the guide, not the hero. 
  • Use that brand-script to create you podcast title and write a description for your podcast
  • Learn about show formats and choose the formats you'll use for your show

Week 2: Content Creation and Design Elements

  • Outline the episode content for your first 5 episodes and your trailer episode.
  • Design your podcast artwork and write the copy for your podcast intro
  • Choose creative audio elements for your show

Week 3: Gear and Recording

  • Set up your gear and your room for the best recordings possible
  • Learn the basics of audio recording for solo shows and interviews
  • Record your first episode!!!!

Week 4: Post-Prodution

  • What happens after you stop recording?
  • Learn to produce your episodes so that they sound polished and amazing.
  • Learn the basics of editing, mixing, and mastering for podcasts

Week 5: Distribution

  • Set up your RSS feed with a hosting service like Libsyn
  • Upload and Publish your trailer episode
  • List your podcast in major directories like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and Tune-In

Week 6: Launch and Promotion

  • Create your launch strategy and promotion plan
  • Plan out your calls to action and create your lead generators
  • Learn how to measure your results and understand your statistics

In the last 2 weeks of the course, you and I will have two 30-minute private sessions where we will refine and finish up any specific needs you have for your show.

“What can I expect to leave the course with?”

You will have a clearly defined brand strategy for a very specific type of listener you are trying to target. You will also walk away with all of the gear and technical knowledge you need to start your podcast and at least 2 of your first 5 episodes fully produced. 

You’ll also have actionable next-steps (both technical and promotional) on how to launch your podcast, as well as steps to start growing your audience immediately.

“How much is the course?”

The cost of the course is $897.00 USD per person. Each session is limited to 10 people, and you will be asked to answer a few questions to ensure camaraderie and a mutually beneficial environment AND to make sure I have enough information about you and your business so we can hit the ground running when we start.

Here’s What I Do to Help Make Podcast Supercharger
the Best Investment of Your Time:

My responsibilities in the course include:

  • Showing you exactly what to do to create a successful podcast so that you don't waste time or make mistakes
  • Making the gear and technical ascpects of podcasting easy to use and understand
  • Sharing the successful techniques and strategies I use with my podcast clients
  • Vetting applicants to ensure camaraderie and a mutually beneficial environment
  • Facilitation of the entire course, including the training sessions, marketing advice, and brand strategy I offer to you and to others



“​Danny was instrumental in helping launch my podcast—he saved me a lot of brainpower by providing me a list of equipment to purchase, providing podcast music choices, creating show description, podcast cover art—everything I needed to launch a professional podcast with his vast knowledge of best practices, so that I didn’t have to spend time learning from mistakes. His expertise was invaluable, and best of all, he does it with a heart and passion. I really enjoy partnering with him in broadcasting my message out into the world. ”

​Cindy Wang Brandt​Parenting Forward

“​I had been attempting to get my podcast off the ground for about a year, but just couldn’t get my act together enough to feel confident about launching it. ​When I met Danny I realized there was an easy and effective way to address my anxiety. I was semi-worried about having to spend money on getting help producing the podcast. But now I realize that getting help was the best thing I did. Frankly, I probably wouldn’t have launched my podcast yet if it weren’t for Danny. And I definitely wouldn’t have been so consistent in putting out new episodes. Meeting Danny in person was pivotal because I saw how knowledgeable he was and how passionate he felt about helping people like me get started and then making sure we succeed and keep going. Danny is a rock. ​In the months since I’ve launched I’ve gotten tons of compliments on my show. It’s strange how quickly I attracted a loyal audience. So now I’m so happy that I was able to get my show off the ground. I can’t thank Danny enough. And I enthusiastically recommend him to anyone who is thinking of starting a podcast. A couple of lawyers have taken my recommendation and are also thrilled to be working with Danny with their podcasts. The best thing you can do to create a successful podcast is get good help. And Danny is the absolute best person I know to help folks like you and me.

​Ernie Svenson​Law Firm Autopilot

“In starting my business as an independent consultant, I wanted find ways to share my knowledge ​and experience with others. I found it was more comfortable and much quicker for me to speak my thoughts rather than write out my thoughts. But, I had “stage fright.” I was concerned that I could not deliver a well thought out and high-quality podcast. Danny helped me find the confidence to speak! While I had friends and on-line tools that could help me learn the basics of podcasting, I found that I was spending too much of my time, attention, and energy learning those technical basics. Danny demystified the tech of podcasting and helped with not just the tech, but he helped me build the systems to make the work flow smoothly and make it easier to succeed. Danny has been a wizard at helping me understand how to efficiently create a quality podcast!”

​Lynn Friesth​Leading the Factory Forward

Meet Parker, Who Is Now Growing His Audience, Landing More Clients, and Doing Work He Truly Loves and Believes In.

"The podcast's Facebook page already has over 1000 ​likes, and considering that's ​more than 10% of the population of Ponchatoula, I'm pretty excited. We could not have done it without Danny's help and guidance. I've gotten GREAT local press coverage and I'm receiving great feedback, including paid sponsorship offers and several unsolicited requests to be interviewed. 

Danny has been a real treasure to work with! If you're thinking of starting your own podcast and you've got the means to get help, give Danny a look. He's awesome! He really cares about helping you realize your goals. I couldn't recommend him more!" - Parker Layrisson, The Ponchatoula Podcast

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Our next Podcast Supercharger sessions will begin in February 2019. There is a strict limit of 10 participants — this is to ensure each participant receives ample time and attention to their needs and their specific show.

By enrolling in Podcast Supercharger, you’ll skip the trial and error because this program has already been proven to work and will teach you exactly what you need to know. AND I stand 100% behind Podcast Supercharger so if you’re unhappy with it for any reason, let me know within 30 days and we’ll give you a full refund. There is literally no risk for you to try it and if you apply the lessons inside, you will create a podcast that delivers more trusting, paying customers.

​After registering below, you will be sent a series of questions that will allow me to learn about you, your business, and see what needs you want to address. You will also be asked to have a quick call with me before the course in order to get to know you so that we have traction to move forward.

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