063: Ads and Sponsorships

In this episode we discuss monetizing your podcast through ads and sponsorships. I want you to know the truth about how many downloads you’ll need before you get significant income from sponsorships. And I share a strategic way you can get valuable sponsorships even if you only have 500 downloads per month. *** Want to […]

Podcasts are Referral Marketing on a Grand Scale

In this episode we discuss referral marketing. Most businesses get 80% of their clients from some form or referral marketing. I’m going to share with you how you can use your podcast as part of your referral marketing strategy. *** Want to join my 4-person 90-day intensive? Who: Entrepreneurs, business owners, podcasters, and side hustlers who […]

Episode 59: A few things you may not know about me

It’s been a while since I told you my story. So for the benefit of the new listeners and the entertainment of the long time listeners, I decided to share a few fun things about me that you may not know. In this episode you’ll learn: 1. How my music career began with a tuba […]

Vocal Health for Podcasters

You just ran out of batched podcast episodes and you plan to record a few episodes tomorrow. You wake up in the morning and your voice is gone. What do you do? You attended a conference over the weekend and did way too much late night networking and picked up a cold from the flights. […]

To DIY or not to DIY Your Podcast

I found a great article recently in my local electric coop’s magazine about DIYing a kitchen remodel and the article was so perfect. I could have just as easily replaced the word “homeowner” with “podcaster” in terms of deciding when to “DO IT YOURSELF” and when not to. So for this episode, I did! In […]

Don’t Focus on the Rock in the Road

If you’ve ever ridden a motorcycle, or even a bicycle, you know that hitting debris in the road can cause a serious accident. Veteran motorcyclists warn that if you see a rock or other debris in the road, whatever you do, don’t focus on it, because you’ll hit whatever you keep your eyes on. A […]

8 Ways to Lower Your Stress

Stress is one of the leading causes of stroke and hypertension in our society. But stress isn’t always a dirty word! We need a certain amount of stress in our lives in order to function well. For instance, a desire to excel in our business; the drive to please customers; and the practice of goal-setting […]

5 Strategies for Dealing Effectively with Change

Change is inevitable. Some changes we initiate and enter into willingly, while other changes are thrust upon us. Changes that happen to us may be desirable or undesirable. All change is a step into the unknown. Changes emerge from a variety of sources: Changes in family Changes as we age Changes through the phases of […]

Walt Disney World and 5 Pillars of a Great Customer Experience

Those of you who know me, know I love Walt Disney World. And the number one reason I love it is the Disney level customer service. It’s legendary. Corporations travel to Disney all the time to learn from them. To learn how they make their customer experience so amazing. Inarguably, quality of both service and […]

The Importance of Having Thick Skin

The human body is incredible in its design. If you take any inanimate object or material and subject it continually to abrasion, you’ll wear it down. But if you expose your hands continually to hard work, over time you’ll develop calluses. These patches of thick skin protect your hands from abrasions and other injuries—amazing! But […]