076: Build Community with Katie Krimitsos

Today Katie Krimitsos joins me on the podcast. Katie is the creator of Biz Women Rock, a podcast and community for highly ambitious entrepreneurial women who are craving more in their business. After 6 years, Katie is shutting down her podcast and I wanted to share this interview as a way to celebrate all that […]

075: Why Non-Profits and Fundraisers Should Be Podcasting

Are you part of a non-profit who struggles to fundraise? Are you looking for more strategies to connect with potential donors? Well, then you need to listen to this interview I did with Mary Valloni from the Fundraising Freedom podcast. In this episode you’ll hear: what things non-profits are doing well what we see that’s […]

073: The 2 Things You HAVE to Get Right with Podcast Audio Quality

Are you unknowingly annoying your listeners or worse yet hurting their ears? In this episode I address the 2 main issues I find with most podcasts in terms of audio quality. Loudness and De-Essing. Resources: podcast resources – https://dannyozment.com/resources 2 Questions Call – https://dannyozment.com/call   Connect with Danny… LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/dannyozment/ Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/dannyozment/ Work with Danny – https://emeraldcitypro.com

58: How podcasts will continue to provide you income for years to come

We’ve talked before about podcasts being a long term play. They are not a short term tactic. They are an appreciable asset that grows your community over the long term. In this episode I talk about: 1. The unique behavior of podcast listeners that continues to reward you 2. Why you need to stay consistent […]

5 Strategies for Boosting Persistence

There is always some measure of success in persistence. But giving up offers none. Regardless of the outcome, persisting through tough times and overwhelming odds becomes part of the victory. Here are just a few reasons to persist: Persistence gets results. Few things in life worth achieving are gained without persistence. Nearly all successful people […]

Don’t Focus on the Rock in the Road

If you’ve ever ridden a motorcycle, or even a bicycle, you know that hitting debris in the road can cause a serious accident. Veteran motorcyclists warn that if you see a rock or other debris in the road, whatever you do, don’t focus on it, because you’ll hit whatever you keep your eyes on. A […]

5 Strategies for Dealing Effectively with Change

Change is inevitable. Some changes we initiate and enter into willingly, while other changes are thrust upon us. Changes that happen to us may be desirable or undesirable. All change is a step into the unknown. Changes emerge from a variety of sources: Changes in family Changes as we age Changes through the phases of […]

Can’t See the Forest for the Trees? The Dangers of Proximity Blindness

Have you ever heard the phrase “you can’t see the forest for the trees?” Well today, I want to talk about why they phrase, or as I like to call it “proximity blindness” is the very reason that you should always have outside eyes and ears, experts, coaches, masterminds, and consultants helping you with your […]

Podcast Supercharger FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions I get about podcast supercharger. #1. “Is this program for hobbyists or serious business owners?” The principles I’ll teach you apply to any and every podcaster who wants to create and grow a show. In years of working with podcasters, I’ve yet to meet a single one who said […]

The 8 Most Common Questions I Get About Podcasting

What are people really wondering about when they want to start a podcast? Well, would it shock you to know that most people, like yourself, are wondering the same exact things, but are too afraid to ask for fear of sounding silly.  Well, I’ve compiled a list of the eight most common questions I get […]