The 4 Ps of Time Optimization

Time is an interesting resource, unlike any other. Any two people have differing financial resources and differing skills and talents. We have different opportunities, different circumstances, and a different network of friends and acquaintances. But we all have the same number of hours in a day, a week, a month, or a year. When it […]

5 Strategies for Boosting Persistence

There is always some measure of success in persistence. But giving up offers none. Regardless of the outcome, persisting through tough times and overwhelming odds becomes part of the victory. Here are just a few reasons to persist: Persistence gets results. Few things in life worth achieving are gained without persistence. Nearly all successful people […]

Don’t Focus on the Rock in the Road

If you’ve ever ridden a motorcycle, or even a bicycle, you know that hitting debris in the road can cause a serious accident. Veteran motorcyclists warn that if you see a rock or other debris in the road, whatever you do, don’t focus on it, because you’ll hit whatever you keep your eyes on. A […]

8 Ways to Lower Your Stress

Stress is one of the leading causes of stroke and hypertension in our society. But stress isn’t always a dirty word! We need a certain amount of stress in our lives in order to function well. For instance, a desire to excel in our business; the drive to please customers; and the practice of goal-setting […]

5 Strategies for Dealing Effectively with Change

Change is inevitable. Some changes we initiate and enter into willingly, while other changes are thrust upon us. Changes that happen to us may be desirable or undesirable. All change is a step into the unknown. Changes emerge from a variety of sources: Changes in family Changes as we age Changes through the phases of […]

5 Keys to Building Strong Relationships

As entrepreneurs and business people it’s easy to slip into the mindset that building relationships is merely a means to an end—making the sale. Now, there’s no argument…we’re all in business to make money and without question, relationships help us accomplish this. But think about it. If we stoop to merely using people to get […]

What’s working right now?

I’m doing an info-only webinar 3 times over the next couple of weeks. I’m calling it “What’s working right now?” In this webinar, I’ll be covering… 1. What marketing and promotion tactics are working for podcasters/content creators right now… 2. What are the latest stats on things like episode length, downloads, and where people are […]

Reasons Why Executives Should be Podcasting – #1 Give your company a face

Companies with the most respected and influential leaders will create the most buzz, leads and sales for their organizations. So, it’s important for companies to give themselves a “face” consumers can know, like and trust by humanizing their brand with their top executives. Podcasting can offer that humanizing experience, giving the top executives a place […]

Walt Disney World and 5 Pillars of a Great Customer Experience

Those of you who know me, know I love Walt Disney World. And the number one reason I love it is the Disney level customer service. It’s legendary. Corporations travel to Disney all the time to learn from them. To learn how they make their customer experience so amazing. Inarguably, quality of both service and […]

The Importance of Having Thick Skin

The human body is incredible in its design. If you take any inanimate object or material and subject it continually to abrasion, you’ll wear it down. But if you expose your hands continually to hard work, over time you’ll develop calluses. These patches of thick skin protect your hands from abrasions and other injuries—amazing! But […]