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Get invited to share Your Expertise as a guest on other podcasts to grow your reach

Everything you need to find podcasts hosts, nail your interview, & perform like the expert you are!

The Publicity Power Pack has what you need to:

NOTE: The 'Publicity Power Pack' is not for hobbyists or casual podcasters. It’s for the busy professional who understands a podcast is essential to stand out in today’s crowded marketplace of social media distraction and passionately wants to improve.

What other show hosts are saying...

Paul Martinelli

Empowered Living

“Danny helped us create what turned out to be one of our most successful professional development and coaching programs to date… a complete professional and true expert!”

Roddy Galbraith

John Maxwell Team

“I can’t say enough about how Danny has helped our community and our members through such expert insights and advice. Highly recommended!”

Mike Kim

Brand Strategist, Host of The Top-Ranked Brand You Podcast

“I had the pleasure of working with Danny on a really big client project. A complete pro, bona fide expert, and helped us attain record-setting numbers.”

become the go-to guest

All the information and resources you need to interview like a pod-star!

...and more!

Ready to be the Guest?
The Publicity Power Pack Was Made for You

You’re an expert in what you already do.
I’m an expert in podcasts.

Now you can painlessly add this crucial promotional tool to your arsenal for more exposure and more customers.

The Publicity Power Pack expands your reach and makes your life easier.

It’s designed to help you learn how to expand your reach by inviting others on your podcast — and how to get yourself invited to other podcasts! Stay organised and get it done! Learn exactly how I create success for top brands with my step-by-step strategies, scripts, checklists, templates, and more...


Inside the Pack you’ll find everything you need to reach amazing podcast hosts to interview you about your expiertise!

What’s included:


As a podcaster you already know it’s pretty hard to promote yourself above the sea of podcasters out there.

Getting new listeners while you’re working hard to build a trust bond and making deep connections with your existing listeners is tough. Mistakes are inevitable, but with the Publicity Power Pack, you’ll have the formula to promote your podcast the right way.

"Your podcast is an INVALUABLE business asset that deserves all the attention of your target audience."

My mission is to help busy service professionals like you who want to grow their professional business by helping your podcast REACH THE RIGHT PEOPLE.

After you have checked all the boxes of the right things to do to make a really great podcast — the interviews, the mixing, the uploading — it all comes down to reaching the listeners you are working hard for.

I’ll be blunt, though: There is zero nobility in wasting time, money, and energy . . . just grinding it out . . . making the most common mistakes . . . on your own.

By doing that, you serve no one, least of all yourself. Not to mention, your audience eagerly awaits your podcast NOW.

The other alternative to grinding it out is to listen to some armchair infopreneurs who’ve never created, crafted, launched, and grown someone else’s business with a podcast.

Wouldn’t you rather learn from someone who’s produced more than 50 successful podcasts? If so, then I’m your guy.

I would love nothing more than to help you get people to start talking about your podcast with my concise, Publicity Power Pack.


“It’s strange how quickly I attracted a loyal audience. So now I’m so happy that I was able to get my show off the ground. I can’t thank Danny enough.”
Ernie Svenson
Law Firm Autopilot
“Everyone who listens to my show remarks on how professional the sound quality is.”
Cindy Wang Brandt
Parenting Forward
“Danny is the best. The sound quality he achieved is outstanding. Right away, we realized we have a hit thanks to Danny.”
Parker Layrisson
The Ponchatoula Podcast

Bonus #1

The Publicity Power Pack

Learn how to expand your reach by inviting others on your podcast—and how to get yourself invited to other podcasts!


  • Your pre-interview checklist
  • Condensed Podcast bio template for when your a guest
  • The questions to ask guests before they are on your show
  • Podcast One Sheet to Pitch hosts on interviewing you

Bonus #2

Podcast Monetization Secrets

How to monetize your podcast: 11 ways to monetize your podcast that don’t involve ads or sponsors


  • The “11 Ways to Monetize Your Podcast” guide
  • Podcast Monetization audio Trainings
  • A pitch script for calls

Bonus #3

Super-Secret Exclusive 2-Hour Training: “How to Start a Podcast… from an idea to a following”

Regular price: $297
Enjoy and learn from an intimate experience with Danny as he takes you step-by-step through the entire podcast-building process.

Inside the teaching you’ll learn:

  • Podcast planning
  • Choosing your format
  • Buying the right equipment
  • Recording your podcast
  • Uploading episodes for distribution
  • Insider thoughts from Danny not available in print

I’ve taken the expertise accumulated from helping 100’s of podcaster grow their show and packaged it all into the Publicity Power Pack.

Nothing was left to chance. I packaged everything busy professionals like you need to know about – including all the best tips and strategies – to get your podcast seen by as many people as possible.

Learn how to expand your reach by inviting others on your podcast – and how to get yourself invited to other podcasts!

Take advantage of the opportunity now to get your interviews on multiple shows!

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