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2020 Covid-19 Coronavirus Resources for Navigating Life and Business

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Latest News (delivered by virus experts):

This Week in Virology –


Priority VA guide to success working remotely –

  • Trivinia Barber has recorded an 8 part video series to quickly get leaders and their teams up to speed working remotely and effectively.

Zoom Video Conferencing Walkthrough –

Virtual Summits Software Walkthrough –

Loom (free screenshot videos) –



Law Firm AutoPilot with Ernie “the Attorney” Svenson –

  • Ernie helped his firm navigate the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in NOLA and has spent the past 15 years helping lawyers go paperless

Women’s Meditation Network with Katie Krimitsos  –

The Adult Chair with Michelle Chalfant –

Diary of a Doer –

Biggest Small Things with Renee Manning –

Kim and Kalee  –

Leading the Factory Forward with Lynn Friesth –

  • manufacturing leader

Pricing is Positioning with Paul Klein –

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