You might be surprised to learn that I see several mistakes that are quite common for many first-time podcasters. While it’s a good thing to learn from your mistakes, it’s just as effective (and so much easier) to learn from the mistakes of those who walked the same road before you.

Producing a professional podcast that people will want to listen to is difficult, but there’s no reason for you to go through so much trial-and-error. Trial-and-error is the downfall of many entrepreneurs who think that simply trying everything out will eventually lead them to success.

In podcasting, trial-and-error will cause you to miss opportunities, provide advantages to your competition, and waste your time and resources. It’s not a strategy any business owner worth their salt should reasonably choose.

You don’t want your mistakes to keep you from successfully launching your podcast and reaching your audience, especially since most of these mistakes can be easily corrected and avoided.

In this episode, I walk through the 7 most common mistakes I see podcasters make when starting out and how to avoid them.

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