10 Ways to Increase Your Creativity

How many of you are sitting here right now, and you don’t have a topic for your next blog post or podcast episode or live video? Do you have that sinking feeling in your stomach, knowing you need to create something, but you have know idea what it is going to be? Man, that feeling sucks doesn’t it? I hate it when I’m staring down at my fingers floating over the keyboard, trying to think of that next great line of copy for a sales page, or an important email…

Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m not a creative person”? Don’t believe it! We were designed to be creative. Each one of us is unique, but creativity is in our DNA. The point is, creativity expresses itself creatively and you don’t have to be like any of those people in order to be creative.

When we create, we experience joy and personal fulfillment. When we create, others benefit in some way from our creativity. And creativity breeds prosperity. If you want to help people and earn a good living along the way, then keep creating. But there’s the dilemma… how do we keep creating? How do we keep those creative juices flowing?

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The Power of Curiosity
  • How Reading Feeds You
  • The Benefits of Hardship


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