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3 Ways to Create an Authentic Connection With Your Listeners

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If you want a podcast that will bring stability to your business and create loyal customers who trust you before they buy and then can’t wait to tell the world about you, then your episode content has to…

  1. Grab their attention
  2. Help them Know, Like, and Trust you.
  3. Solve their problems
  4. Make them want to share it with friends.

That is why everything your listener hears, sees, touches, and feels in relationship to your episode needs to be relevant to the problem you are trying to solve with your business.

And as I mentioned in an earlier article, the best way to do this is to be authentic. And a podcast is the best form of new media to create an authentic relationship with potential clients because they will spend so much time with your voice millimeters from their ear drums.

So let’s talk about the best ways to build this authentic relationship with your podcast listener.

  1. Tell your story

Think about your closest friends. Most likely they are your closest friends because they know everything about you. They know the good things and the bad things and they’ve been there at the worst moments in your life to help pick you up. My mentor Mike Kim likes to say that your closest friends have photos of you on their phone that could ruin you. They know your story.

Share those stories of growth, triumph, failure, and disaster with your audience and they will immediately bond with you. Show real emotion and the connection will be sealed.

  1. Share your real life both good and bad

Similar to sharing your story up to this point, you should also share your real life real time experiences. It’s odd in an age of such amazing connectivity that we feel more isolated than ever but it is true. The people who will listen to your podcast are commuting and working out alone, etc.

If you tell them about the crap that happens to you and then use it as a teachable moment or an example of how to overcome adversity, it will not only connect but inspire.

  1. Interact with listeners

Actually having conversations with your listeners is the best way to build an authentic connection. Unless you do live call-ins though, it’s hard to interact directly on your podcast with your listeners but there are ways.

You can have people call-in both live and recorded. Use something like to allow people to record questions. They will love hearing their actual voice on your show. You can also respond to listener questions and emails. Try surveying your audience or just asking questions for them to respond to during your show. Ask them to do something, take a picture, and share it on social media tagging you. Set up live meet-ups locally or as you travel. Even if only 2 people show up, those 2 people will become fierce advocates of your show.

I’ve talked about Mike Kim before. His podcast, The Brand You podcast is an excellent example of how to be authentic. Mike shares all of his ideas, solutions, and secrets to his business success. He also shares about his personal life and the things he learns from his friends. He’s been very open over the course of his podcast about what has worked for him and what hasn’t. Even the interviews he has done are more revealing because the experts who come on his show are willing to share more with Mike.

To show you how well it works, let’s talk about his email list. Most digital marketers will agree that your email list is the best indication these days of how effective you are at building a community and how successful your business can be. But I would go a step further and say that engagement from your list is even more important an indicator.

Recently, Mike agreed to promote a free training I was doing to help people discover the benefits of doing a podcast. He sent an email to his list about it. Now, Mike has a large email list, and like most people with large lists, he gets a good number of unsubscribes with every email he sends out. What was more important though was that close to 40% opened the email and even better for me, 118 people registered for my training. That’s insane. I’d had my trainings promoted to large lists before, sometimes with even more emails and social media posts and I’d never had more than 30 people register. Even more proof was that 40 people actually showed up on the training. The norm for most webinars is about 10% so his list showed up more than triple the norm.


This is a very clear example of how that authentic connection and trust can lead to real results.

How can you create that connection with your listeners? Well, to help you, I’m going to give you my 20 Go-To Episode Templates. This PDF will give you 20 great ideas for episodes and segments that you can use to build the authentic connection with your audience.

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