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A few more podcasting benefits…

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If quickly creating clients who know, like, and trust you, building your authority and expertise, reaching a great demographic, having evergreen content, and saving money on marketing weren’t enough, here are a few more ways that your podcast will benefit your business.

  • Podcasts improve and or showcase your public speaking….So, if you are pursuing a speaking career, podcasts are a great choice for you.
  • Don’t like the idea of doing video or Facebook Live? Podcasts are a great alternative to video and you can do them in your pajamas. Not only that but your audience can consume them in more ways than video or a blog. The car, the shower, the gym, etc.
  • Maybe you don’t need to use a podcast to generate client leads. Internal communication podcasts for your employees are being used by major corporations already. HR professionals are using podcasts for orientation and recruitment (sharing company culture and values prior to hiring and lowering turnover rates).  These are both highly effective ways to communicate information in detail and also build relationships between leaders and employees. And bonus! You don’t have to have as many boring meetings at 8am. Your employees (current and future) can listen in the car on the way to work.
  • Thinking about writing a book?  In a 200 page book, you’ll average about 55,000 words. Most people speak 125 words per minute. That’s 2500 words in a 20-minute podcast. Do 22 episodes of that podcast and you’ve basically written a book out loud. Congratulations! A ghost writer could really easily turn those transcripts into a book if you provide them with an outline. Many podcasters have already done this.

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