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6 Questions to Determine whether it’s Time to Outsource

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Often when launching a business, we’re strapped for cash, so we try to do everything ourselves. But outsourcing certain tasks or services may be something we need to do sooner than we think. In fact, neglecting to outsource services may cost us dearly in the following ways:

  • We end up wasting many hours trying to do something we have no skill, training, or interest in.
  • We achieve second-rate quality attempting to do things we’re not good at.
  • We add to our stress unnecessarily.
  • We’re stealing precious time from doing the things we’re good at and enjoy.
  • We hinder our revenue streams by focusing on things that don’t make us money.

And I’m sure the list could go on.

I admit that I am someone who learned this the hard way. I easily spent 8 years after starting my business, trying to do everything myself. Trying to learn how to do things that just didn’t make sense to my brain. And then, because of stress or frustration, I would actually outsource something and then make a poor decision on who to hire because I was rushed and didn;t have time to research the choice.

So, in this episode I share some questions to ask yourself to determine whether it’s time to outsource a service.


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