Episode 20: I love your show, but it sounds terrible.

I love your show, but it sounds terrible. No really, it does.  Okay, so your message is amazing, but nobody is listening to it because your podcast just sounds bad. What are you going to do about it?

In 2010, I discovered podcasts. They helped me get through the experiences and daily life following the birth of my daughter. The medium of podcasting really moved me. But the audio quality of podcast after podcast, was outright bad. I actually reached out to several podcasters and told them, “Hey, I love your show, but it really sounds terrible. Let me help you.” And, that’s exactly what I did. Asking why sound quality of a podcast matters is like asking why a restaurant needs to serve good, edible food. It’s super important to your show.

Ray Edwards recently welcomed me onto his podcast to talk about podcasts, podcasting and how to fix your podcast audio. We also talked about podcasting being on the rise, the engagement intimacy, and connection that podcasting offers, and how this translates to podcasting for business. The bond you build with your listener is like nothing else, it’s accelerated. Not to mention establishing yourself as an expert. Both are very effective in podcasts.

Ray and I covered a wide-range of topics relating to podcasts:

  • Whether to script or not to script?
  • What do you say to the business person that takes a DIY Podcast course and attempts to launch a podcast on their own?
  • 4 reasons why sound quality is important
  • Respect for your podcast audience
  • Pay attention to your sound design, utilize de-essing and other techniques to improve the sound of your podcast
  • Aligning your brand with your podcast

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