Episode 22: Recommended Gear and Software

This is a list of tried, true, and trusted gear and software for podcasters that I’ve personally benefited from. No, it’s not everything and it’s not the most expensive stuff; to get the best quality, I believe you need to purchase the highest quality equipment. The problem is that the best equipment can be expensive, more than you might be able to afford early in your career. I’ve used every single one of these pieces of gear and software and stand fully behind them. Let’s jump in.

Recording Gear/Software:

Microphone – Audio Technica ATR 2100

Microphone Pop Filter – Neewer NW(B-3)

Microphone stands – On-Stage Stands MS7920B or Neewer Mic Boom Arm

Portable Recorder (includes remote and windscreen) – Zoom H6

Memory Card for Recorder – Sandisk SDHC 16gb

Recording/Editing software – Pre-Sonus Studio One

Call recorder for interviews – Zoom Pro ($15/month)

Find all these and more resources at https://dannyozment.com/resources

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