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Podcasts Are a Content Asset

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I bet you’re a bit like me, you get inundated with marketing ideas and strategies all the time. You may have even had podcasting suggested to you before.

A lot of people think of podcasting as a marketing tactic or something you can just try out to see if you like it.

I’m here to tell you that it is not a tactic…

It’s an asset. You are going to invest money and time into building content that will attract your ideal clients.

It is a long play about building a relationship with your client.

The end result though is an evergreen content asset that will give you ROI for years.

If you front load your first 10 episodes with your strongest and best content that speaks directly to the problems and pain points your ideal client is having, your podcast will continue to deliver ideal clients into your episode funnel 24/7 while you sleep.

And I’ll remind you that the average listener subscribes to 6 shows. And when someone subscribes, that means your content is pushed to their smartphone or other device. So unlike video or a blog, they don’t have to seek you out. They are connected to you.

Specifically asking questions in your interview to connect with a particular listeners

And it taps into psycho-graphics….

If you are using podcasts in your business, I’d love to hear your success stories and challenges.

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