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Podcasts ARE the new book! Want to be an expert? You need a podcast.

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Podcasts ARE the new book. You’ve probably heard the cliche, “so and so wrote the book on this or that.” If you write a book, you are naturally seen as an expert on a subject right?

In a 200 page book, you’ll average about 55,000 words.

Most people speak 125 words per minute.

That’s 2500 words in a 20-minute podcast. Do 22 episodes of that podcast and you’ve basically written a book out loud. Congratulations! You are an expert! (and BTW, you can turn your podcast into a book by hiring a ghost writer… more on that in a future article)

And if you read the first article in this series (Part 1 – They Listen to You While They Are Naked) you are also an expert that people know, like, and trust.

In a few hours (3 or 4 episodes) of sharing your knowledge, experience, stories, and advice, you really quickly establish your expertise and authority. This is true whether or not you have a bunch of certifications or awards. You will have ample time to show that you know your stuff and that you can deliver valuable service and products.

And as you read in Part 1, podcasts offer you the chance to share your knowledge in a very authentic way that makes a connection.

How many videos or blog posts would you need to create to equal this level of authentic authoritative connection? Yep… a bunch. And how much do you have to prepare for a video that can;t easily be edited and requires that you look at the camera and connect? And what about all the grammar checking that goes into writing…

Here’s a personal story of the podcast expertise effect in action.

I met Mike Kim in 2016 at Podcast Movement (a podcasting conference). Several friends introduced me to him. He seemed like a nice guy. Very fun to hang with, but nothing really earth shattering for me in my business life (partly because I didn’t ask I guess). I added his podcast to my playlist along with many others at that conference.

It wasn’t until 10 months later though that I got to his show and found out what I’d been missing.

Mike’s career is kinda like mine… Diverse.  He has worked in various forms of marketing, organizational leadership, ministry, and art. He grew up an avid artist and writer and wanted to become an artist for Marvel Comics.

He globe-trotted as a musician and songwriter. This is also where his marketing career started. He learned the basics of promotion, live event planning, ambiance, and copy writing.

He served in various vocational ministry roles which equipped him for coaching, organizational leadership, and consulting. He also spoke for small and large groups, speaking on behalf of causes that make a positive impact on our world.

He then served for several years as chief marketing officer (CMO) of a multi-million dollar private company before leaving that position to start his coaching and consulting business.

I immediately identified with his story (the authentic connection) and his experiences and advice established his expertise almost immediately. His show, The Brand You Podcast, is dedicated to helping people build an influential and profitable personal brand. In each episode he draws from his background in organizational leadership, public speaking, coaching, and marketing experience to help people live their message, love their work, and leave their mark on the world.

And it works too… I’m one of hundreds of people who discovered him through his podcast that he’s helped through his masterminds, live events, boot camps, and coaching.

If you are using podcasts in your business, I’d love to hear your success stories and challenges.

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