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076: Build Community with Katie Krimitsos

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Today Katie Krimitsos joins me on the podcast. Katie is the creator of Biz Women Rock, a podcast and community for highly ambitious entrepreneurial women who are craving more in their business. After 6 years, Katie is shutting down her podcast and I wanted to share this interview as a way to celebrate all that she’s brought to her community and many others. This week we are talking about building a community from your podcast. Katie is a friend, a client, and a mentor of mine and I could think of no one better to talk about how to build a community with your podcast.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Katie’s first experience with podcasting
  • How the Biz Women Rock podcast helped Katie build such a large and engaged online community of women business owners
  • Connecting with community and creating a two-way conversation
  • Some ways Katie monetizes her podcast
  • Katie’s approach to being authentic in podcasting
  • Katie’s best piece of advice for building a community with your podcast

“The medium of podcasting is ridiculously intimate. Even though you are talking to so many people around the globe, you really are only talking to one person. That intimacy gets translated into a podcast. When you really accept that, you can leverage it by building that one-on-one relationship times hundreds, thousands, millions, or however many listeners you have. Community starts with that relationship.”



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