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Reasons Why Executives Should be Podcasting – #3 Start Your Next Career

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Last week we talked about how executives can use a podcast to connect with the current and future employees. This week we’re going to cover how podcasts can help executives leave the c-suite and start out in a new career.

Executives might want to leave their c-suite position for many reasons, but starting a consulting or speaking business can be hard. You may want to share your expertise with the world, but what is the best way to start out?

Marketing and sales are pillars in any business — for a solo entrepreneur like a consultant, they are even more vital. And for executives, that is where podcasting comes in… Podcasting can serve as the source of all your content. It can drive your marketing and it can feature you and your expertise.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  1. How podcasts can be the source of al your content
  2. What podcasting has to do with a successful speaking career
  3. The easy way to find new clients through a podcast
  4. How a podcast can help you write a book


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