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The Importance of Having Thick Skin

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The human body is incredible in its design. If you take any inanimate object or material and subject it continually to abrasion, you’ll wear it down. But if you expose your hands continually to hard work, over time you’ll develop calluses. These patches of thick skin protect your hands from abrasions and other injuries—amazing!

But the same holds true in our business. We may serve 100 clients, most of whom are raving fans. But if a few or even one of those clients is caustic, abrasive and cutting in their evaluation of our products and services, that tiny minority can wear away at our morale. That’s why we need to develop “thick skin” or “emotional calluses.”

Purely from a relational standpoint, having thick skin prevents us from taking offense at others easily. With thick skin we give people the benefit of the doubt. We refrain from reading negativity into their comments and reactions. We let petty differences slide. With thick skin we’re easier to get along with.

In this episode you’ll learn why failure is vital to success:

  • The dangers of thin skin
  • Tips for developing emotional calluses


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