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I’m Danny Ozment — marketing consultant, brand strategist, and podcast producer.

What’s working right now?

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I’m doing an info-only webinar 3 times over the next couple of weeks. I’m calling it “What’s working right now?”

In this webinar, I’ll be covering…

1. What marketing and promotion tactics are working for podcasters/content creators right now…

2. What are the latest stats on things like episode length, downloads, and where people are listening.

3. Do you need to launch with a bunch of episodes or is 1 ok?

4. Which social media channels should you be using as a podcaster.

5. Do you need to build an Alexa skill for your podcast?

6. Which age group had a huge jump in podcast listeners in 2018?

7. What is the truth about Apple’s recent keyword stuffing email?

And much more… I’m going to make time to answer questions as well.


Feel free to register for any of the following times. The content will be the same.

1. March 21 at 1pm Eastern (10am Pacific)Register Here

2. March 25 at 8pm Eastern (5pm Pacific)Register Here

3. March 27 at 3pm Eastern (12pm Pacific)Register Here

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