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10 Ways to Re-purpose Your Podcast Into Other Forms of Content

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I want to talk about something that will supercharge your content creation this week and going forward, and I’m going to call it the podcast re-purposing process.


Podcasts are significant content. We know that. My podcast is kind of short and usually 10 minutes or less, but even in that 10 minutes there’s thousands of words. If you do a half hour show, that’s a lot of content. There’s a lot of information and podcasts can be a place where you work out new ideas, they can be a place where you discuss and develop important elements of your brand. They are also a great starting point for loads of content on many different platforms.


So let’s start with step one. You’ve got to record your podcast, right, so why not record it live?


If you do a live broadcast, a live show on facebook live or youtube or something like that, you can record a lot of content and get it out there and be doing a live broadcast (which facebook likes you to do) and you get that engagement and connection with listeners and there are lots of tools for enhancing this. You can get a software package that e-Camm sells, that is a facebook live add-on to allow you to do some awesome stuff like add comments and bring stuff up on the screen.


Once you’ve recorded that live broadcast, you can go to step two, which is stripping that audio from your live video. You can add music to it as your intro and then publish your podcast. Here’s an explanation on how to download your video from facebook or youtube and then how to strip the audio from it. You can also turn on Garageband or quicktime or audacity or something like that and record your audio from your microphone during your live broadcast if you want.


Once you have the audio from your podcast, you can go to step three and that’s transcribing the audio… Using sites like or (which is actually what I used for this article… it started as a podcast btw). They will transcribe the audio. If you clean up that transcription, you can really easily turn your podcast into a blog article and as I mentioned before,  people tend to gravitate towards one type of content and they don’t necessarily check out others. So, if they listen to a lot of podcasts, they may not be reading a blog, so there’s a whole new audience there that reads blogs that you could give content to and again, it’s a bonus. As I mentioned in my podcast launch formula, this is a boost to your SEO as well.


Now, step four, take your main points from your blog post and create a freebie (a pdf that people can download) that gives them the short version of what you spent 30 minutes talking about or spent 3000 words on in your blog post…


And then step five, grab a short clip, tip, quote, something like that from your podcast audio and turn it into an Alexa daily briefing or an audio-gram on Instagram. Social Media Examiner did a great explanation on how to set up an Alexa flash briefing here


Now once you’ve done that, step six, take a quote from that, that little quote that you just cut out and turned into an audiogram. Turn it into a graphic, turn it into a meme, something like that. That will be visual and you can put it on Instagram. You can put it on Facebook, you can put it into your social media rotation on twitter, whatever you want to do…


And then finally, step seven, take those quotes, take maybe a short version, maybe one of the points from your freebie pdf and create a short one minute video or two minute video that you can put on your YouTube channel. This way you now have eight or nine different types of content in 9, 10, 11 different social networks or places.


This process is a great way to create one piece of content, do the work once, and then potentially even have someone else like a virtual assistant or a social media person help you create this extra content that you can put out there and expand your reach and engagement.


I’d love to hear other ways you are re-purposing content. Leave a comment. Also, here’s a link to an article that was written by Nathan Barry from Convert Kit that talks about even more ideas and some things that other big content creators like Tim Ferris are doing to create viral podcast content using some of these steps.

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