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Aim for Progress, Not Perfection

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In her book Lean In: Women, Work and the Will To Succeed, Sheryl Sandburg shares one of her favorite mottos. “Done is better than perfect”? In this episode, I want to explain why you should Aim for Progress, Not Perfection.

We want our podcast, product, service and business to be the best it can be. We want to be a market leader; we want to be successful; we want to be unsurpassed. So, we aim for perfection!

But perfection has its downsides: Perfection is elusive. Pursuing perfection paralyzes. Aiming for perfection is very costly. Straining for perfection is stressful.

So, aim for progress! In this episode you’ll learn:

  1. The benefits of aiming for progress
  2. How to Progress
  3. The Japanese art of Kaizen


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