Podcast Strategies for Lawyers, Attorneys, and Realtors

It’s important for lawyers and realtors to build a trust bond with potential clients. In this episode, I share three ways lawyers and realtors can use a podcast to create a bond with their listeners.

Before I dive into what you’ll hear in this episode, I’d like to revisit trust and building a bond with podcasting.  If you remember from one of my earlier episodes, I said that podcast hosts and listeners have been naked together. Yes, seriously.  You, as the host, are in your listeners ears in so many locations; the bathroom, the car, out walking the dog and yes, even in the shower, together. All the while, they can hear your voice, get to know you in an authentic and real way and make deep connections with you.

As a realtor or lawyer, if you can share stories of how you started your business or stories of people you’ve helped, that’s pretty powerful. Podcasting helps lawyers and realtors become experts people know, like and trust.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why creating a community podcast is better than creating one related to realty trends, or law topics. Plus, one example of a great community podcast hosted by a personal injury attorney.
  • The benefit to creating an interview-based podcast where your guests are your clients
  • Some ways to use your podcast episodes as a jumping off point for writing a book

The Ponchatoula Podcast

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