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What You Need to Know About Keyword Stuffing

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This week I am talking about, “keyword stuffing”. And no, this episode is not related to a podcaster’s Thanksgiving (although, the idea is intriguing). Keyword stuffing is a practice that is causing Apple to ban podcasts from their platform. Why is this important? Apple Podcasts is still one of the top podcasting directories around and a great way for podcast discovery.

A quick overview of how discovery in Apple Podcasts App (and iTunes) works: Apple allows you to search podcast title, episode title and author field. That’s it. So, up until this point, I had recommended to clients and to other podcasters that they include important keywords in the title of their show and in the author field. But now, this is what is being considered, “keyword stuffing.”  In this episode, I share some ways to help you avoid being banned by Apple Podcasts.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why the title of your show is so important and some ways to fix keyword stuffing issues
  • Plus, what you should no longer include in the author field
  • And, using keywords in your episode titles (yes, that’s still okay!)

Seth Resler’s Article: Apple is Cracking Down on Podcasts. How to Avoid Getting Pulled From iTunes (**Be sure to check out the comments and read what Rob Walch from Libsyn recommends to do if your show does get kicked off of Apple Podcasts).

If you have any questions or want any help with crafting a title for your show that helps listeners find you in Apple’s Search Engine, I’d be happy to work with you. Schedule a free strategy session with me today at →

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