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I’m Danny Ozment — marketing consultant, brand strategist, and podcast producer.

Executives and Leaders Should Be Podcasting. Here’s Why.

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Recently on my podcast I did a series on why executives and leaders should be podcasting.

In episode 040 I talk about giving your company, your brand a face. It’s important for companies to give themselves a “face” consumers can know, like and trust by humanizing their brand with their top executives. Podcasting can offer that humanizing experience, giving the top executives a place to share a ton of content and become a valuable resource in the industry. In episode 041, I cover how that humanizing effect can also allow the executive to connect with current and future employees. And finally in episode 042, I show executives how a podcast can be a launchpad for leaving the c-suite and starting their own consulting or speaking business.

Here are those episodes. Each is less than 10 minutes long.

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