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Podcast Strategies for Realtors and Lawyers

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Today we’re going to talk about ways that Lawyers and Realtors can use a podcast to find great clients. But first, let’s talk about why this is important.

You’ve been naked together! No seriously, you probably have! I listen to podcasts in the shower and in the bathroom in the morning while I get ready and I bet you do too.

The average podcast listener invests around 5 hours and seven minutes per week listening to their favorite shows. They listen at home, in their car, while they are walking, at work, and at the gym.

You, the podcast host are in their ears in so many different locations (a lot longer than someone who’s in a video). They can hear your actual voice (unlike in some blog they decided to read) and you have a lot of time in a podcast to be real, personal, authentic, etc. You can share your stories. You can tell your potential client who you really are and make a connection.

After a few 15 – 30 minute episodes, that is a lot of intimate hours with your listener.

The best description of this I’ve ever heard came from Elizabeth DiAlto ( In an interview with my podcast client Katie Krimitsos, Elizabeth talked about her connection with her listeners, at one point saying “I’m literally hanging out with you in your bra while you are curling your hair in the morning.”

Hilarious… but also a deep connection. They are naked and vulnerable while you are talking to them. And if you are also sharing your own vulnerable stories… maybe the reasons you were inspired to start your business, or stories of people you’ve helped. That’s pretty powerful.

A lot more powerful than watching a 3-minute cat video while you sit on the toilet…

Think about it another way… If you are spending hours hanging out with someone, at their house, in their car, at the gym, and while walking around, how long would it take you to build a real bond with them? To know, like, and trust them? Not long at all.

And not only that, but the average podcast listener subscribes to 6 shows. And when someone subscribes, that means your content is pushed to their smartphone or other device. So unlike video or a blog, they don’t have to seek you out. They are connected to you.


  • Community show
    • Interview people from your community (newspaper editors, local leaders, principals, local heros, event organizers
    • Review local businesses
    • Cover local events
    • Share tips and advice
  • Interview clients about their experiences
    • Needing a lawyer or buying a house are big things, scary things
    • share the stories that you can to help ease people’s minds and build trust
  • A book
    • Podcasts are kinda like the new book. You’ve probably heard the cliche, “so and so wrote the book on this or that.” If you write a book, you are naturally seen as an expert on a subject. In a 200 page book, you’ll average about 55,000 words. Most people speak 125 words per minute. That’s 2500 words in a 20-minute podcast. Do 22 episodes of that podcast and you’ve basically written a book out loud. Congratulations! You are an expert! And if you remember from earlier episodes, you are also an expert that people know, like, and trust.

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