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5 Keys to Building Strong Relationships

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As entrepreneurs and business people it’s easy to slip into the mindset that building relationships is merely a means to an end—making the sale. Now, there’s no argument…we’re all in business to make money and without question, relationships help us accomplish this.

But think about it. If we stoop to merely using people to get what we want, we might have a healthy bank account but be bankrupt in our relationships and our lives. After all, what’s the use of money if you can’t enjoy it and have no one with whom you can enjoy it? Imagine if your banker was the only person to show up at your funeral!

I suggest that we change our thinking. I believe that if we cultivate deep relationships with others, one of the byproducts of those relationships will be prosperity. And forming meaningful relationships makes the journey so much sweeter! The joys of true companionship, partnership, and fellowship far outweigh any bank account. Yet, in my experience, when we focus on relationships, the money will follow.


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